The Properties of Canyon Ferry Crossing

Canyon Ferry Crossing Covenant Highlights

The Canyon Ferry Crossing Covenants are designed to protect and enhance the comfort, aesthetic values and peace of mind of every homeowner. This approach makes sure that the privacy, serenity, and panoramic views you enjoy today will be there for years tn come, assuring harmony and enduring value for the entire community.

The Architectural Design Standards and a simplified design-review process were developed in order tn create an exceptional residential community that preserves and enhances the surrounding natural environment.

1) Membership In the Canyon Ferry Crossing Owners Association is composed of all owners.

2) Owners Association dues are $600 per year, due semi-annually.

3) Association funds are used for the general maintenance and upkeep of the community’s common elements, including,
but not limited to, landscaping and irrigation systems, weed management, signage, lighting and snow removal.

4) Individual homesites may not be further subdivided.

5) Owners are free to begin building on their homesite at any time. There is no mandatory time frame In which to start
your home.

6) Individual homesites may contain up to one single-family home, one guesthouse and two accessory buildings.

7) Each constructed home requires the installation of an individual well and septic system.

8) Small home businesses are permitted. Such home businesses should not, however, change the residential character of
the home and should not infringe upon the right of neighboring residents to enjoy the peaceful occupancy of their home.

9) A maximum of four vehicles may be stored or parked outside at any time. Short-term guest parking is accepted. Inoperable vehicles may not be stored or repaired outside of a garage.

10) All gas, oil,water and other tanks shall be kept and maintained below the surface of the ground.

11) Horses are allowed on approved homesites. The maximum ratio is one horse per 1.5 acres.

12) Dogs must be kept under control by appropriate means, including dog runs, kennels or electric underground fencing.

13) Hunting, trapping or the discharge of any firearm is not permitted upon any portion of the community.

13) Owners are responsible for the control of noxious weeds on their homesite.

14) All homesite improvements are subject to architectural review.

This document is in no way meant to be inclusive of all conditions, covenants, and restrictions set forth in the association Documents.

Architectural Guideline Highlights

1) The minimum size of houses is 1,800 sq. ft.

2) One guesthouse with a maximum of 600 sq. ft. is allowed. The guesthouse cannot be used as a rental unit.

3) Two accessory buildings that are structurally and visually compatible with the main residence are allowed.

4) Any structure requiring transportation and setup in a partially complete state, including stock modular buildings, used buildings and mobile homes, are not suitable. Log homes are permitted.

5) Minimum building set backs are: 20 feet from common homesite borders, 10 feet from any road boundary.

6) No portion of a structure (except for chimney elements) may exceed 32 feet above the existing natural grade below.

7) Construction and landscaping shall be completed within 18 months from the start of construction.

8) Because muted or subdued earth-tone colors and natural finishes are the most appropriate for exterior walls, the use of wood siding, log, natural or simulated stone, or engineered wood is encouraged.

9) Primary roof forms of hip and gable with multiple combinations are appropriate, with a minimum pitch of 5:12, maximum pitch of 10:12 and a minimum 12-ince eave overhang.

10) Appropriate roofing materials include slate, architectural asphalt shingles, concrete flat tile and non-reflective raised seam metal.

11) Exposed concrete footings or foundation in excess of 6 inches need to be covered using other materials such as stucco or stone.

12) Any mechanical equipment utilized must be ground mounted adjacent to the residence and screened from view.

13) Perimeter fences are allowed on horse sites only and may not exceed four feet in height.

14) Privacy fences, walls and dog runs should be incorporated within or attached to the residence. Deer fencing around gardens is permissible.

15) Exterior lighting shall be designed to minimize impacts on adjacent properties and shall be located within the building envelope.

16) Satellite dishes 24 inches or less in diameter are acceptable.

17) To ensure the re-vegetation of areas disturbed by construction, a $1,000 landscaping deposit is required. This deposit is fully refundable upon completion and final approval of the improvements.

18) All homesite improvements are subject to Architectural Review.